Terms and Conditions


ENTRANT: Anyone who enters the competition via our Website or through the post in order to try to win the prize. This specifically excludes partnerships, limited liability partnerships and limited companies.

WINNER: The Entrant who, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions, is chosen at random on the Closing Date or after, who will be awarded the Prize.

WEBSITE: https://gadgetcompetitions.co.uk  

PROMOTER: Gadget Competitions Limited (SC572214) are the only promoter of these Competitions; these are not run, sponsored, or endorsed by any other company, including Apple or Facebook.

CLOSING DATE: These competitions will end when the maximum number of entries for each competition has been met or the countdown hits zero.  We aim to draw competitions regardless if all tickets are allocated or not.  However, in rare cases, depending on the prize value, if we deem it is necessary, we may renew the timer up to two times.  After the 2nd renewal, if the competition still has not sold out, a cash prize of 70% of all the tickets sold may be used as the prize and the draw will continue OR we will refund all tickets sold to customer wallets.  In any case we will make an announcement by adding a note to your order if such measures are needed.


All Entrants are deemed to have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions by entering the competition, and all Entrants agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Entrants must submit their contact details as requested by the Promoter when they enter the Competition. Contact details need to include a valid email address. These details should be updated in your account. Contact details will be made use of for the following:

(a) Notifying the Winner that they have won; (b) Posting the name and town location of the Winner on the Website; and (c) for compliance with our Privacy Policy. (d) To publish the winning draw numbers for all those who have entered the Competition on our Facebook page; this is so that every Entrant is aware of who won during the live draw.

Entrants are entirely and solely and responsible for making sure that the Promoter have contact details which are accurate and up to date.

The Promoter will not be liable for any inability or failure to get in contact with an Entrant because of any errors, inaccuracies or omissions in the contact information as provided by any of the Entrants or otherwise.

Privacy Policy – Both Entrants and the Promoter acknowledge that the Promoter of this Competition may make use of contact details and other information (including personal data as understood by the terms of the Data Protection Act, 1998) given by the Entrants to the Promoter in order to administer the Website and to run the Competition in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. The Entrants and Promoter also acknowledge that the Promoter can (either by their own choice or by that of a third party) disclose this data to relevant third parties for reasons of prevention of money laundering, fraud, or any other financial or other regulatory or legal reason(s).

The competition is run by the Promoter and is only open to Entrants over the age of 18 years old located in the United Kingdom. Proof of age may be requested by the Promoter when claiming any prize that is won.

All Entrants, by entering this Competition, agree that their entry fee does not and cannot guarantee, that they will win the prize.  The Promoter do not, guarantee the value of the Prize.

The Promoter do not imply, or give warranty or acknowledge any valuation to the Prize, or otherwise guarantee its roadworthiness.

The competition administration and activities are governed by law in the United Kingdom and Scotland and this is accepted by the Entrant.

Entrants must make certain that, as a condition of entering this Competition, they do not transgress the laws of their own country of residence. The Promoter will not accept any responsibility or liability if an Entrant participates in this Competition illegally.

Both Entrants and Promoter acknowledge that this Competition, its provisions, conduct and execution and any other activities associated with it are conducted under English Law. The Promoter and Entrants both acknowledge that the County Courts or High Courts of England will have sole jurisdiction if there is any dispute whatsoever which arises from this Competition or from its administration.

By participating in this Competition, all Entrants undertake and affirm that all information they submit to the Competition is true, accurate, complete and current. The Promoter also reserve the right to invalidate or suspend any Entrant if there are justifiable reasons to believe that the Entrant has behaved contrary to any of the Terms and Conditions stated here, and that they do so entirely at their own discretion.

All entries to the competition become the property of the Promoter and cannot be returned to the Entrant after submission.

Funds held in the Entrant’s digital wallet are non-refundable and can only be spent on the purchase of Competition entries via the Promoter’s Website.


Free Entry Route

The Competition can be entered by a free entry route. To enter using this method, the Entrant must first create a free account on the Website (if they do not already have one), by clicking on My Account on the menu bar.  Then send a postcard stating which competition you would like to enter, the answer to the question, and the following personal details: Name, Address, Date of Birth, Contact Telephone Number, and the email address used to create the account on the Website. These details should be typed or written very clearly; illegible Entries will be disqualified.

A coupon code will be emailed to the supplied email address allowing the Entrant to enter the chosen competition via the Website for free. The code will only be valid for the requested competition and for the email address provided. The code must be used before the competition sells out and before the timer reaches zero, otherwise the opportunity to enter for free shall be lost. Entrants will have an equal chance of winning using the free entry method as those that have paid to enter. Free entries are limited to one per Entrant per competition. Each postal entry can only request one free competition entry, if more than one is requested then only the first request will be processed. Requests for free entries where the email address provided is not already associated with a free account on the Website will not be processed and will be discarded without notification. Requests for free entries where the competition has already sold out will not be processed, however notification will be sent to the Entrant by email to confirm that the request is being discarded. Postal entries must be received at the Promoter’s address by 5pm the day before the closing date, as advertised by the countdown on the applicable competition page, for a coupon code to be generated. Free entries are not considered complete until the order has been processed by the Entrant on the Website with the supplied coupon code.

Postal Entries should be sent to the following address:

Gadget Competitions Limited
21 Deanburn
EH26 0HT

Any Entry which is found to have multiple names and/or addresses will disqualify all Entries from this person. This applies to free postal Entries.

All Entries are final and there will be no refunds given for any reason or at any time, except for Entries which are submitted after to the Closing Date.

The decision of the Promoter is final. No correspondence can be entered into concerning results of the Competition upon declaration of the Winner as previously described.

All Entrants will agree that the normal requirements pertaining to Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regs 2000, as it applies to any goods or services requested online to be fulfilled in a time limit of 30 days will not be applicable to this Competition.

If the Promoter cannot contact the Winner within 21 days of notification of their status as Winner by email, phone and/or mail to the supplied contact details, the Promoter will be allowed to give the Prize to another Entry to be drawn randomly in the same manner as that already described (called the “Alternate Winner”). This Alternative Winner will have seven days from their status being notified to accept the Prize.

The Winner(s) will agree to permit the Promoter to publish their name on the Website. The Winner’s name and town shall be published on the Website with the intention of disclosing the Winner of the Competition, to be posted in less than 48 hours of the of the Winner being announced.

All Entrants will give the Promoter permission to enter their own details into a database, to be used as provided by the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998, and in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

The Promoter may have the right to void the Competition either before or after tickets have been sold and at any time. If the Competition is so cancelled, the Promoter must then return the fees of each Entry to each Entrant, this will be done by refund to their bank card. Where this Entry Fee is refunded, the Promoter will not have any further liability towards the Entrant or liability to any other person.

The Promoter do not warrant any representation as to the Valuation or to the Prize, or to its physical, material or cosmetic condition, or to the possibility for it to be sold. All Entrants must do their own due diligence and take their own legal counsel concerning the Prize prior to entering the Competition.

The Promoter cannot be held liable for any type of loss suffered by any Entrant resulting from incomplete Entries or from errors in communications, or for any other loss suffered directly or indirectly from use of the Website.

The Promoter cannot be held responsible for entries which were not received because of failings or errors in computers or online systems, any other malfunctions, excessive amounts of Internet traffic, errors of hardware or software, server errors or for any other reasons.

The Competition rules stated here should not be construed as constituting any kind of contract or joint venture, or any other contractual agreement between the Promoter and any Entrant.

An Entry will be void (and without need for any refund given) if any Entrant employs: (a) any kind of actual or apparent fraud; (b) any form of fraudulent misrepresentation; (c) any form of concealment or dissimulation; (d) any hacking or other interference with the normal and prescribed operation of the website; or (e) making any amendment, or any unauthorised use of code which belongs to or constitutes the Website.

All Entrants will agree to taking part in a Winner’s picture to be displayed on the Winners page of the Website, and on social media account pages, if they win any Competition. Winner’s pictures may also be used for third party adverts, promotions and media publications.

The Winning Entrant will be randomly selected by using Google random number generator in a live event on Facebook. Full details of this will be confirmed upon the draw being conducted in either of the methods. The final decision will be made by the Promoter no greater than 48 hours after the close of the Competition.

Only one Winner per Competition will be selected, unless stated otherwise.

Once the Competition has been won and the Prize has been awarded, the Prize will be given by the Promoter to the Winner by means of courier delivery, hand delivered or the V5 for any motor vehicle (this must be completed prior to the handing over of the vehicle). Any motor vehicle Prize does not come with any insurance, and once the Prize has been handed over the Promoter will have no further responsibility.

The Promoter is not responsible for any courier/delivery service Prizes that are lost or broken in transit.  Standard delivery of the Prize is free-of-charge, but a cost may apply for bespoke delivery requirements, including redelivery charges.

The Promoter is the owner of the prize until such time as it is handed over to the winning Entrant. It is the responsibility of Entrant to make any enquiries or legal advice before entering the competition as the Promoter does not hold any responsibility for the valuation of the prize.

If the Promoter believe that someone is using multiple names in the Competition and/or more Entries than the maximum number allowed per person then those Entries will be disqualified.

The Promoter will always reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions for any reason and at any time.

Last Updated: 18 March 2021 – 10:04 am